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I am a psychologist and psychotherapist.
I am also a lecturer and filmmaker. 

As a therapist, my focus is on the "system" we live, play and work in. It is just like growing a plant. If the plant is not growing well, we need to work on its environment. Maybe change the pot or the soil. It is the same with us humans. Our environment plays a central role in our well-being. And that's where systemic therapy comes in. When we consider the dynamic in our surroundings, the people and relationships, underlying patterns reveal themselves and problems start to make sense. Because problems are essentially unsuccessful attempts at solving a challenge in our life. Just like the plant, that doesn't grow because there is not enough nutrition.


Psychotherapeutic work is fascinating, challenging and always enriching. As a lecturer, I try to pass my passion on to psychologists, medical doctors and social workers in training to obtain a masters in psychotherapy (to learn more, please visit 

Another big part of my work is filmmaking. I make documentaries for European TV channels on everything human. I have traveled our blue planet and have been invited into the lives of people from all corners of the world. These encounters have deeply enriched me and have informed my therapy work. Whether as a psychotherapist in a couples therapy TV program or as an observing director behind the camera, the biggest lesson I have learned through my work is that we humans all long for the same thing: Love and Belonging.



In my new podcast I talk to couples, siblings, friends, work colleagues and other constellations of relationships. We talk about family secrets, couple conflicts, adultery, and other challenges faced by my guests. If you would like to take part in this podcast, apply here. Your anonymity will of course be preserved. 

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